Thursday, May 4, 2017

Visit with author Melissa Stewart

Dyer students were very lucky to have a guest author come into school and visit with all of the grade levels! The author's name was Melissa Stewart, and she is a nonfiction author. She has written over 180 books! She shared with us about the writing process, and that making a book takes a lot of time, effort, and collaboration. We are looking forward to reading her next book, which will be released in June!

Here are fun facts that Melissa Stewart shared with us:

  • Frogs can jump 20 times their body length
  • The average human tongue is 4 inches long, if we were frogs, our tongues would be long enough to clean out our belly buttons!! 
  • There are types of tree frogs that do not live in trees, they live in bushes
  • It took her 10 years to write one of her books (No Monkeys, No Chocolate)